As the name suggests, this is a dedicated space for women. I present my views, ideas, and information on everything that would interest a woman----makeup, skin care, home, children, kitchen, career, work-life balance, money management, and effective budgeting. However, I am no expert and the views that I share in this space are a product of my own experience and research.

I strive to provide factual, bias-free, and honest details and eventually turn this blog into an information hub that you can fall back on. Hope you like my work. Your suggestions and comments are very much appreciated.Please reach me @poornaswaminathan@gmail.com

Note: The content including the text and photographs are copyrighted to me. If I use a third-party picture or content, I give the credit to it or highlight it. If you wish to use a picture or content from my space, I would expect a credit from you. 

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